Robin Chapman


The Duchess's Diary
Sancho's Golden Age
Pasamonte's Life


The Duchess's Diary
"This story shows a truer understanding of Cervantes than twenty books of criticism."
E. C. Riley, The Times Literary Supplement.

Sancho's Golden Age
"A slapstick comedy that could just render the classic academic studies of Don Quixote redundant."
Alison Ribiero de Menezes, The Irish Times.

Pasamonte's Life
"Learned, structurally ingenious, evocative and pleasurable."
Karl Miller, The London Review of Books.


"The novelist need answer to no-one but Cervantes."
Milan Kundera


ROBIN CHAPMAN’s internationally acclaimed novels exploring the inner, outer and after-lives of people found in Don Quixote are now published together for the first time.

The Duchess’s Diary records how Marίa Isabel, Duchess of Caparroso, comes to believe that she has been misportrayed in fiction.

Sancho’s Golden Age relates how Sancho Panza, after Don Quixote’s death, tries to create an ideal pastoral existence such as they had envisaged on their final journey home.

Pasamonte’s Life extends a rogue’s autobiography already in progress but left in pawn when Don Quixote releases him from a chain-gang.

"Cervantes turns life into art, Chapman turns art into life."
Edward H. Friedman, Legenda, 2009.